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We are all connected

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Let go of what surrounded you today......

We have all been asked to pray for each other and the water

What is healing

Healing comes in when we let down fear

Healing takes place when we can create these moments to release any worry that surround us

Take a moment to bring in your connection to all of you for it a connection to us

As always give us your worry and fear and we will replace it with healing and love

We have been brought together we are all connected

When we pray for healing for ourselves we are also praying for each other

Healing look upon the water and find your own reflection the one that was designed for you .

The streams connect to the rivers. The rivers connect to the lakes and the lakes are connected to the oceans water ways surround us were are one body one breath and one connection to each other.

Pray for this connection of water connection of the community to be healed.

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