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Earth's Water

Our Mission: Heal oneself, Earth and Water
We have the power to heal the water. We are dedicating our time to finding solutions to ancient and modern methods. Standing on the principle of knowing that everything is a reflection of the God within, we have the power to heal ourselves and thus the ability to heal the water which embodies the same light. We represent all people and the intersection of life.

The Consciousness of Water 

We know our thoughts can change the effect on the water and other living matter. We can change our thoughts about ourselves, we can heal. We are asking our community to give thanks to our waterways & earth. We walk alongside it. We are all connected to it, by a simple acknowledgement great healing can take place. 

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Masaru Emoto 

Water is a mirror to our soul. It has many faces formed by aligning itself with the consciousness of human beings.

William Tiller Ph.D

"Magnetic information waves, empty space between atoms and molecules modulatable by the human mind, intentions, and consciousness."

Aerial View of Islands
Image by Tim B Motivv

William Marks, The Holy Order of Water 

"Water is always working to create conditions to reveal life."

The Hidden Messages in Water by  Masaru Emoto

"All water is connected. All water is in constant communication with all other water. The waters of the world are one - one consciousness, holding the world in liquid embrace. What you do to any part of the waters affects them all."

Image by Brandon Hoult
Home: What We Do
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This connection is an awareness
Connection to the water

Earth's Water 

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