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The Connection is Universal

This connection is an awareness

Connection to the water = Becoming Aware

What is water:

Water is Universal


It remains at the beginning

It supports all life

Water carries memories

Droplets of rain add to its body

Water is energy

Water is expression

Water is life force

Water heal everything it supports

Water nourishes

Water expands and contracts

Water is movement

Water collects al things in flow state

Help bring in the awareness

Don’t overlook our history

Our power

Our Force

Our dream state

Our reality to sustain all life

Each season gives us tie to prepare

Rest- winter

Love - fall

Summer we flourish

Spring we start new

To leave baren is our human ways we want what we want. To take time and adapt and accept is not always is our view of reality

For earths waters have to accept and expand when you leave us in disarray

This is why we rely on Earths life cycle to support and recover all that it is

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